University of Kansas Field Station


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Algal biofuel research 2009 current University of Kansas KUFS
Ecological role of plant viruses in grassland communities 2011 current Eastern Kansas KUFS
Ecological studies and captive propagation of the Topeka Shiner 2002 current Northeast Kansas KUFS
Ecology of the Smooth Earth Snake (Virginia valeriae) and Redbelly Snake (Storeria occipitomaculata) in northeastern Kansas 2009 2011 Northeast Kansas KSNHI
Enhancement of research and education facilities at the university of Kansas Field Station 2005 2008 KU Field Station KUFS
Grassland community coalescence and diversity in response to nitrogen eutrophication: the interplay of species pools, niche-determinism and neutral processes 2006 2011 Northeast Kansas KUFS
Habitat associations and ecological niche modeling in eastern forest species 2011 current Eastern Kansas KSNHI
Long-term studies of secondary succession and community assembly in the prairie-forest ecotone of eastern Kansas 2010 2015 KU Field Station KUFS
Mead's milkweed (Asclepias meadii) population dynamics 1988 current KU Field Station KUFS
Monitoring and habitat management for species of greatest conservation need: Anderson County Prairie Preserve 2008 2010 Anderson County Prairie Preserve KSNHI
Native Medicinal Plant Research Program 2009 current University of Kansas KBS
NEON--National Ecological Observatory Network 2009 current Nationwide KUFS
Plant recruitment, coexistence and community assembly in developing prairie restorations 2010 2015 KU Field Station KUFS
Prairie restoration and outreach in Eastern Kansas--Phase II 2007 2009 Eastern Kansas KUFS
Smooth Earth Snake in northeast Kansas, occurrence and ecology 2007 2008 Northeast Kansas KUFS
Temperature Sensitivity of Substrate Decomposition from Enzymes to Microbial Communities 2010 current Northeast Kansas KUERG
The Biogeochemistry of Soil Nitrogen Cycling with Changing Precipitation Regimes 2009 current Central Plains KUERG
Trail development at the University of Kansas Field Station and Ecological Reserves 2007 2009 Northeast Kansas KUFS
Wetland and wet meadow restoration on the Robinson Tract 2005 current Robinson Tract, KU Field Station KUFS