University of Kansas Field Station

Algal biofuel research

Date June 2009 - present
Contact Val Smith
Location University of Kansas


KU scientists are exploring how to use domestic wastewater to turn algae into a biofuel that could power cars, trucks, and airplanes. The multidisciplinary "Feedstock to Tailpipe" research program at KU considers all steps in the process--from algal biomass production, to biomass harvesting, to biofuel production and testing. The algal production team is composed of Dr. Belinda Sturm (Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering) and Dr. Val Smith (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Dr. Jerry deNoyelles (Kansas Biological Survey), who are using mesocosms located at the KU Field Station and at a wastewater treatment plant to study the ecological and environmental factors that control algal growth. Dr. Sharon Billings (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Kansas Biological Survey) is another team member, and her research focuses on landscape-level implications of algal biofuel production and combustion. Learn more about this exciting bioenergy project at these two web sites: "Feedstock to Tailpipe" profile KU Transportation Research Institute project


Val Smith

Jerry deNoyelles

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