University of Kansas Field Station

KBS awarded $350,000 to enhance communications systems at Field Station

Published on October 16, 2013 by Jennifer Delisle

Tags: Funding, KU Field Station

In late September, the National Science Foundation notified the Kansas Biological Survey that it had been awarded $350,000 for enhancements to internet and communications systems at the KU Field Station. The grant provides high-speed internet service to the Field Station, as well as connectivity to general research/teaching facilities, data network partnerships and ongoing researcher programs. This will enable researchers engaged in projects taking place at the Field Station to obtain real-time data and will provide enhanced support for interactive on-site teaching and outreach.

This is an extensive project involving the installation of fiber optic cable from a terminus near the Lawrence airport to the Field Station, and the development of hard-wired and wireless connections. Investigators will work closely with KU IT to develop plans for the installation. The plan will include connectivity for current facilities and projects (geohydrology research site on the Robinson Tract, new caretaker house, Armitage Education Center, weather station, new NSF greenhouse complex and several other research projects). It also will provide capability to support additional projects and sites in the future.

Bryan Foster is principal investigator. Co-principal investigators are Dean Kettle, Sharon Billings, Dan Hirmas (Dept. of Geography) and Val Smith (Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Cooperating investigators are Helen Alexander (Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Nate Brunsell (Dept. of Geography), Jim Butler (Kansas Geological Survey), and Jerry deNoyelles.