University of Kansas Field Station

Recipients of 2013 KU Field Station grants announced

Published on May 7, 2013 by Jennifer Delisle

Tags: Graduate Student Opportunity, Research

Through the KU Field Station Small Grants Program, six graduate students have received funding to support research conducted at the field station this summer. Projects will take advantage of established resources available at the field station including excavated soils pits, deer exclosures, long-term data sets, and the patch-burn grazing treatment at the Anderson County Prairie Preserve. Each grant recipient will present a summary of their work at a seminar held during the 2013/2014 academic year.

Students awarded grants, their academic advisor and department, and research subject are listed below. All recipients are KU students unless specified otherwise.

Timothy Bents (Dan Hirmas, Geography) - Relationships between soil structure and hydraulic properties along a toposeqence

Kaila Colyott (Jenny Gleason, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) - Examining the distribution and courtship behavior of local Drosophila

Justin Dee (Michael Palmer, Botany - Oklahoma State University) - Herbaceous root chronology: Developing an innovative technique for plant ecology

Courtney Masterson (Helen Alexander, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) - Effects of deer herbivory on tallgrass prairie plant species

Daphne Mayes (Deb Smith, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) - Top-down versus bottom-up factors affecting trap-nesting bees in tallgrass prairie ecosystems

Kathy Roccaforte (Bryan Foster, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) - Continuing the long-term monitoring of bee communities at Rockefeller Prairie