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Two KBS graduate students receive awards

Published on March 5, 2013 by Jennifer Delisle

David and Kathy

David and Kathy

David Hall and Kathy Roccaforte, Ph.D. students working with Bryan Foster, have each received notice that their research proposals have been chosen for a $1,000 J. E. Weaver Grant from The Nature Conservancy.

The Weaver award, founded in 1995, is named for the world-renowned grassland ecologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It was created to encourage graduate students whose research focuses on Great Plains ecosystems and their conservation.

The award will provide support for Hall’s research project titled “Eradicating large populations of Lespedeza cuneata using unique combinations of new and existing management practices” and Roccaforte’s project titled “Investigating the Impacts of Land Use Intensification and Restoration Efforts on the Structure of Tallgrass Prairie Plant-Pollinator Networks".