University of Kansas Field Station

Rules for Station Use

1. All users must have prior written approval and complete a site orientation. Researchers, team leaders, and instructors are responsible for ensuring that all project personnel or participants receive a site orientation.

2. No smoking or pets allowed.

3. Do not make unauthorized collections or unnecessarily disturb the natural landscape.

4. Park only at designated sites either along the county roadways or within the confines of the field station.

5. Do not wander onto areas other than your designated site. Specifically avoid research sites of others.

6. Obtain approval of materials for marking all grids, transects, or locations. Label all such materials with your name or initials.

7. Clean up your site when your project is complete.

8. Do not return to the area after the expiration date of your project without again obtaining permission.

9. Appropriate safety precautions must be used when working in aquatic environments (e.g., Cross Reservoir, ponds, or tanks). Wearing of personal flotation devices and working with partners is highly recommended.

10. Use common sense when working on field station lands and facilities and report any problems or concerns immediately.

Contact Numbers

KUFS Operations Manager; Bruce A. Johanning, 785-843-9816

KUFS Program Manager/Biologist; Vaughn Salisbury, 785-843-8573

KUFS Associate Director; W. Dean Kettle, 785-864-1540

KBS Associate Director for Outreach & Public Service; Scott Campbell, 785-864-1502

KBS Deputy Director; Jerry deNoyelles, 785-864-1504

Kansas Biological Survey Administrative Office, 785-864-1500 (or 864-1525)

Revised 6/20/2011