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Armitage Education Center.

The University of Kansas Field Station is administered by the Kansas Biological Survey. The Survey is both a research unit of The University of Kansas and a legislated agency of the state of Kansas. For information and questions about the KU Field Station please contact faculty and staff at our campus office location or at the field headquarters.

Campus Office Location

General Mailing Address:
University of Kansas Field Station
c/o Kansas Biological Survey
2101 Constant Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66047-3759

Dr. Edward A. Martinko
Director, KU Field Station
office: 108B Higuchi Hall
tel: 785-864-1505

Dr. W. Dean Kettle
Associate Director, KU Field Station
office: 153 Higuchi Hall
tel: 785-864-1540

Scott W. Campbell
Associate Director, Outreach and Public Service
office: 152 Higuchi Hall
tel: 785-864-1502

Field Headquarters

General Mailing Address:
Nelson Environmental Study Area
350 Wild Horse Road
Lawrence, KS 66044

Bruce A. Johanning
Operations Manager
tel: 785-843-9816

Vaughn B. Salisbury
Program Manager/Biologist
tel: 785-843-8573